Peoples Gas is at the

Heart of Florida’s Energy

Peoples Gas delivers the natural gas that fuels Florida. An abundant, natural energy source that affects the daily lives of every Floridian. Safe, sustainable, cost-effective, and resilient, natural gas is critical to our future growth and prosperity. Peoples Gas is at the heart of Florida’s energy.

Shaping how Florida

lives and works.

5 reasons Peoples Gas is vital to Florida’s future.

Peoples Gas delivers affordable, safe natural gas to homes, businesses, and industries across the state. As the largest natural gas distributor in Florida, Peoples Gas is critical in realizing a cleaner, more reliable energy future.

Over 75% of Florida’s net electricity generation is fueled by natural gas, with increased production projected to keep pace with Florida’s growth.

Natural gas is significantly more resilient than other energy sources, especially during and after tropical weather, due to our underground unfrastructure.

Natural gas is a lower carbon fuel that produces less greenhouse gas emissions than other fossil fuels. Renewable natural gas is even cleaner.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, the pipelines used by Peoples Gas are the safest form of energy transport.

From cost-conscious customers to world-class restaurant chefs, Floridians love having the option of natural gas.

What is natural gas?

America’s largest growing domestic energy resource, natural gas has existed for millions of years underneath the Earth’s surface and is extracted, processed, transported, and distributed safely and efficiently to homes and businesses. The gross domestic supply of natural gas is enough to meet our energy demand for 110 years.

Facts & Figures

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of Florida’s net electricity generation is fueled by natural gas.

(EIA 2022)
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Less greenhouse gasses are emitted from homes with natural gas versus those with all-electric appliances.

(American Gas Association)
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of the natural gas used in the U.S. is produced domestically.

(U.S. Energy Information Administration)

Less GHG

Natural gas is a lower carbon fuel option than coal or petroleum, and the transition to natural gas from these sources has significantly reduced statewide greenhouse gas emissions.

Protecting our
greatest generation.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, Florida changed regulations to require backup generators and enough fuel to maintain comfortable temperatures at all nursing homes and assisted living facilities statewide. Peoples Gas and the Florida Natural Gas Association worked with the Agency for Health Care Administration to provide the necessary insight and information to convey how natural gas meets needs established through the new requirements. Now, thanks to the hard work of everyone involved, Florida’s older citizens can be better protected in the event of a prolonged power outage.

Natural gas supports the safety residents need and the comfort they want.

When J.L. Young Apartments, an affordable housing community for older adults, needed reliable air conditioning with additional backup power they turned to Peoples Gas. Read how we helped meet the challenge with a complete solution that also saves an estimated $1,750 per year.