Florida Weathers More Than 40% of Hurricanes in the U.S.

At The Heart Storm Season

Natural gas is Florida’s vital energy source fueling homes and businesses before, during and after hurricanes and tropical storms, and generating more than 75% of the state’s electricity year-round. Florida is hit by more hurricanes than any other state in the nation, almost twice as many as Texas, the second most hurricane-prone state in the […]

Four Advantages of Natural Gas Vehicles – Peoples Gas

As of 2019, there are over 28 million natural gas vehicles (NGVs) across the world, almost 225,000 of which are in North America. These NGVs are powering economies and transporting people across land and sea—and engineers are continuing to find new ways to harness natural gas and change the way we travel and do business. […]

2020 Achievements: Expansion, Innovation and Customer Satisfaction

2020 year in review

While 2020 presented unexpected challenges, Peoples Gas adapted and adopted new processes to maintain the safe, reliable delivery of natural gas to customers throughout Florida, while pursuing new initiatives as a leading, statewide energy solutions provider. Natural gas service expansion In partnership with Chesapeake Utilities, Peoples Gas affiliate SeaCoast Gas Transmission completed the Callahan Intrastate […]

Getting to the Heart of What Matters Most — Health & Safety


As we move forward during these extraordinary times, Peoples Gas stays focused on the health, safety and needs of our team members, customers and communities. Our essential work of providing safe, clean and reliable natural gas service to customers across Florida is our highest priority. We’re taking extra precautions to help minimize the spread of […]

Natural Gas: Investing in Sustainable Community and Business Practices

Natural Gas: Investing in Sustainable Community and Business Practices

Cities, companies and organizations throughout Florida are investing in sustainable community and business practices to mitigate climate change, reduce costs, improve efficiency and create a healthier environment for the people in our state. Peoples Gas is working with major industries and municipalities to advance the use of affordable, lower-carbon natural gas as a more climate-friendly, […]

The 4 Es of Sustainability: Energy, Efficiency, Economy & Environment

While “sustainability” is most frequently associated with “clean and green” and other environmental benefits, at Peoples Gas, we embrace sustainability as the universal needs of people to live in a healthy, safe and prosperous environment. This includes access to vital resources including clean, reliable energy, water, and air; economic opportunities to help businesses and families […]