Fueling Florida’s economy.

Peoples Gas provides natural gas to commercial and industrial customers, including builders, developers, and property owners which has a positive impact on the economy. Clean, reliable natural gas is used for commercial-grade cooking equipment, water heating, clothes drying, space conditioning, steam production/manufacturing processes, fleet fuel, marine transportation, engine combustion, and more.

Direct impacts natural gas has on Florida’s economy.


Florida businesses rely on the direct use of natural gas.

Energizing our electricity
Florida’s $1 trillion economy depends on electricity, and our electric utilities rely on natural gas. More than 75% of Florida’s net electricity generation is fueled by natural gas. Why? Because it’s clean, resilient, reliable, and affordable.
Critical to revitalization and growth
Homebuyers and business owners choose natural gas for its reliability, performance and cost savings. As our economy strengthens, natural gas gives builders, land developers, and architects a cost-effective fuel alternative for a large variety of applications, along with a wide range of service options, efficiency rebates and incentives.
Helping our hospitality industry
Tourism and hospitality remain Florida’s top industries, supporting more than one and a half million jobs in our state. Guest who come here looking for comfortable accomodations, culinary escapes, or theme park adventures will find that natural has i the preferred energy source for many top loding and attractions - providing businesses needed energy savings and reliability.
Big savings equals better business
Providing higher efficiency than other fuels, natural gas can produce significant savings for businesses to reduce operating costs and increase profit margins. Natural has appliances and equipment cost less to operate and generally require less maintenance. These savings are often reinvested in the company, leading to better business for owners and customers.
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How Peoples Gas is helping drive Florida’s economy forward.

Approximately 35.4% of Florida’s total energy consumption is for transportation. Most vehicle fleets can use natural gas to reduce costs, help the environment with lower carbon emissions, and strengthen resiliency. CNG, RNG, and LNG are three innovative, reliable fuel solutions from Peoples Gas that are helping to transform transportation in Florida.


Compressed Natural Gas
A reliable fuel that can be used instead of gasoline, diesel, and propane, CNG is used by fleets to lower costs and emissions. CNG fueling infrastructure is strategically located and growing throughout the state. CNG is ideal for transit and school bus fleets, long-haul trucking, and refuse haulers.


Renewable Natural Gas
Waste from landfills and agriculture can be cleaned to create pipeline quality gas that is available 24/7. Peoples Gas created a special utility rate to stimulate more RNG development for direct use in transport. Producing net zero emissions, we’re committed to increasing the amount of RNG in our system to increase the sustainability of natural gas and further reduce emissions across Florida.


Liquefied Natural Gas
Technology is used to cool natural gas to liquid with no need for pressurized storage or transport because the volume is more than 600 times smaller than its natural state. LNG can be used domestically for fueling ships and trains or moved across the globe.

Nearly 35.4% of total Florida energy consumption is in the transportation sector – mainly fuels used for autos, rail, aircraft, and marine.

Florida’s ports are investing in natural gas.

Florida’s ports are rapidly exploring the transition from heavy fuel oil and diesel to liquefied natural gas (LNG). LNG is a clean, cost-effective option that makes port operations more efficient and effective. Environmental benefits of LNG over traditional fuels include a significant reduction in sulfur, carbon dioxide, and other greenhouse gas emissions. As new cruise ships, cargo ships, and other marine vessels consider LNG, Florida’s ports and Peoples Gas are well situated to provide cleaner, cost-effective LNG options that could potentially provide positive impacts on Florida’s economy.

Natural gas-fueled HART buses take off.

The Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority (HART) is transitioning its fleet from diesel to compressed natural gas (CNG). By making the switch, HART is able to improve its services to major employment centers in the Tampa Bay area, reduce fleet maintenance, and significantly reduce fuel cost. Since CNG burns more cleanly than gasoline or diesel, the transition greatly reduces the amount of nitrogen oxides and other greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere. It also helps lower the nation’s reliance on fuel from overseas.