At the heart of

reliability and resiliency.

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, natural gas is our core energy in times of storms, peak energy demand, and even typical outages. Because of its underground infrastructure, natural gas is significantly more resilient than other energy sources. Read more about all the ways natural gas is the reliable fuel for Floridians.

Meeting the demand for natural gas.

Florida depends on Peoples Gas every day to deliver clean natural gas to fuel our homes, businesses, and economy. That’s why we invest more than $200 million annually to improve and expand our natural gas infrastructure to meet the demand for affordable, reliable fuel. As Florida continues to attract more residents and businesses, the demand for electricity will also grow exponentially.

More than

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invested annually by Peoples Gas to improve and expand the reliability of natural gas infrastructure.

Reliable and responsible.

Peoples Gas is aligned with Florida’s Energy and Climate Plan to secure lower carbon, affordable energy, help mitigate climate change, and create opportunities for economic growth. We are actively engaged with communities, businesses, legislators, and other stakeholders in creating solutions and taking measurable actions to meet Florida’s growing energy needs sustainably.

Making renewable energy more reliable.

Florida natural gas provides redundancy, which is especially important with increased solar power. Because solar is an intermittent energy source dependent on weather conditions, natural gas-generated electricity is used to maintain reliability of electricity supply on the grid, in addition to being used to power on-site back-up generators and other equipment. Maintaining sufficient supplies of high-quality energy continuously is critical to Florida’s well-being and economic growth. Peoples Gas proves to be a cost-effective, reliable fuel partner in the delivery of solar energy.

Weathering our worst storms.

Natural gas is energy Floridians can rely on during storms and hurricanes. Due to its underground infrastructure, the delivery of natural gas is relatively unaffected during severe weather events and is regularly used to power back-up generators and other equipment.

By the Numbers

7 Million vs. 300

When Hurricane Irma ripped through Florida, nearly 7 million Floridians were left without power, compared to just 300 customers who lost access to natural gas. (SOURCE: