Safe to use,

safely distributed.

So, just how safe is natural gas? State-of-the-art underground delivery infrastructure with multiple interstate pipelines keeps Floridians safely supplied with natural gas. Underground infrastructure is critical to maintaining safe, consistent natural gas service, even through natural disasters. Within the last several years, Florida has experienced devastating hurricanes. In each event, the natural gas system continued to safely deliver energy to more than 95% of its customers – those not affected by catastrophic building damage.

Delivered safe and secure.

Interstate pipelines interconnect with other pipelines and other utility systems, offering system operators flexibility in moving the gas from point to point. Natural gas eventually reaches Peoples Gas through a gate station, where it is measured and injected with an odorant for natural gas safety, then distributed to customers through our local distribution system of pipelines, mains, and service lines.

5 ways Peoples Gas is committed to safety.

Maintaining quality control.
Peoples Gas maintains an Integrity Management Program that details the safety measures required to keep our pipelines safe. GPD and Barcoding of our system allows us to know exactly where underground assets are located to the latitude and longitude, along with knowing exactly where the item was manufactured and when it was installed. This allows operations to responder quicker to system issues or damages. Safety measures also include scheduled corrosion inspections and control, leak survey, valves to isolate sections of the pipeline, and the use of leak detection equipment.
Exceeding government pipeline standards.
The Florida Public Service Commission (FPSC) is certified through the U.S. Department of Transportation, Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) to inspect pipelines and adopt rules for governing the safety of the system. Working collaboratively with federal and state regulators, public officials, emergency responders, excavators, consumers, and safety advocates, our goal is to continuously meet and exceed safety standards to protect the communities we serve.
Investing heavily in training.
Peoples Gas plans and trains for emergency situations including work with first responders, local emergency management services, and other utilities across the state and country. In recognition of our efforts, Peoples Gas was awarded the American Gas Association Safety Achievement Award for Excellence in Employee Safety. We also lead an Apprentice Program at our state-of-the-art technical training facility, GasWorx, to standardize curriculum and provide hands-on instruction to all new technicians. GasWorx sets the standard for safety and technical training across the gas industry in the Southeast.
Promoting pipeline safety awareness.
As the largest natural gas distribution company in Florida, Peoples Gas invests nearly $400,000 each year in promoting awareness of pipeline safety, including educational outreach with first responders and emergency officials, schools, public officials, and the general public. Through support of Sunshine 811, Peoples Gas works hard to raise awareness of safe digging to protect all Florida underground utilities from damage. We also use advanced data analytics to predict where any future damages may occur.
Mitigating risks and incidents.
Although gas incidents are rare, pipeline transportation does carry some hazards should a release occur. That’s why Peoples Gas considers a natural gas leak first-priority. High-tech lead detection vehicles allow us to advance the identification of system leaks. The trucks feature super sniffers that suck in large amounts of air per minute to detect any trace of methane in the are. We also train extensively on leak response and liaison with first responders on how to effectively respond to pipeline emergencies. These ongoing relationships help prevent incidents and assure preparedness for emergencies.
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PGS Athletes keeps our team in great shape.

Healthy team members can lead to stronger, safer communities. That’s why Peoples Gas partnered with Vimocity to create a health and wellness initiative called PGS Athlete. This important, innovative program brings the tools and practices for injury prevention and working and living without pain to our team members. “The moves and stretches we learn in PGS Athlete help me achieve greater mobility and increased focus. When we go through the steps as a group it also builds team camaraderie.”

Randy Smith
Peoples Gas Supervisor