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Peoples Gas has a proven record of delivering natural gas safely to homes and businesses across Florida. According to the United States Department of Transportation, the pipelines used by Peoples Gas are the #1 safest form of energy transport. Find out more about natural gas safety.

At the heart
of safety

So, just how safe is natural gas? State-of-the-art underground delivery infrastructure with multiple interstate pipelines keeps Floridians safely supplied with natural gas. Underground infrastructure is critical to maintaining safe, consistent natural gas service, even through natural disasters. Within the last several years, Florida has experienced devastating hurricanes. In each event, the natural gas system continued to safely deliver energy to more than 95% of its customers – those not affected by catastrophic building damage.

Read about how natural gas is fueling our neighborhoods and communities.

Delivered safe and secure

Interstate pipelines interconnect with other pipelines and other utility systems, offering system operators flexibility in moving the gas from point to point. Natural gas eventually reaches Peoples Gas through a gate station, where it is measured and injected with an odorant for natural gas safety, then distributed to customers through our local distribution system of pipelines, mains, and service lines.
FL interstate gas pipelines

5 ways Peoples Gas is committed to safety

Peoples Gas annual safety initiatives

Safety Initiative2019
Atmospheric Surveys Completed 265,600
Service Leak Surveys Completed 115,000
Scheduled Maintenance Procedures Completed 80,900
Miles of Distribution Main Surveyed and Patrolled 2,780
Miles of Transmission Main Surveyed and Patrolled 163
Miles of Legacy Pipe Replaced 98
Emergency Response Time (60 minutes or less) 98.54%
Leadership Safety Observations 2,001
Contractor Safety Observations 10,711
Near Miss Reports 3,782
OSHA Rate – 5 Year Average 0.93
OSHA Rate – 2019 0.32
Fleet Vehicle Miles Driven  799,747

PGS Athlete keeps our team in great shape

Healthy team members can lead to stronger, safer communities. That’s why Peoples Gas partnered with Vimocity to create a health and wellness initiative called PGS Athlete. This important, innovative program brings the tools and practices for injury prevention and working and living without pain to our team members. “The moves and stretches we learn in PGS Athlete help me achieve greater mobility and increased focus. When we go through the steps as a group it also builds team comradery.”
Randy Smith
Peoples Gas Supervisor