Committed to a

sustainable energy future.

Sustainability of natural gas is at the core of Peoples Gas’ strategy, helping to strengthen our commitment to customers, communities, and industries throughout Florida. Investing in cleaner energy, new technologies, as well as modernizing operations aimed at reducing our carbon footprint is at the heart of what we do. Our corporate initiatives support our strategic focus of safely delivering affordable, reliable fuel, for homes and businesses in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Expanding renewable natural gas.

Peoples Gas is advancing renewable natural gas (RNG) through advocacy, research and development. RNG can be produced from farms, landfills, and wastewater treatment facilities. Creating energy from waste is a smart, carbon-neutral or even negative energy option for Florida’s industries. We’re also invested in delivering liquefied natural gas (LNG) and compressed natural gas (CNG) for cleaner, more affordable and reliable fuel options to serve marine fleets, cruise ships, trucks, buses, and trains.


RNG converts waste into usable energy

EPA natural gas STAR methane challenge.

Peoples Gas has a long-term commitment to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Natural Gas STAR Methane Challenge, a voluntary program to reduce and report methane emissions. As a program partner, we transparently report systematic and comprehensive actions to reduce methane emissions and are publicly recognized as a leader in reducing methane emissions in the U.S. Our participation reduces operational risk, increases efficiency, betters sustainability, and demonstrates Peoples Gas’ concern for the environment, with benefits spanning from climate change and air quality improvements to energy efficiency and conservation.

0 % Reduction

Since the challenge began, Peoples Gas has achieved a 33% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Building stronger, safer pipelines.

Peoples Gas is part of a concerted effort by Florida natural gas utilities to upgrade our nation’s pipeline network to both enhance safety and reduce emissions. Starting in 2011, we made a ten-year voluntary commitment to replace cast iron and bare steel pipelines with plastic piping to lower emissions across our system.

10-Year improvement goals.

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Reduce carbon-equivalent emissions (CO2 e) by 43%, nearly 55,000 tons annually over 10 years.

0 Miles

Replace nearly 500 miles of cast iron or bare steel distribution pipeline, about 48 miles per year over 10 years.

0 %

Achieve a replacement rate of 6.5% annually. Peoples Gas exceeded its goal in 2017 with a 15.5% replacement rate.

Advancing technologies.

At Peoples Gas, we’re investing in emerging technologies and energy system advancements including distributed generation, combined heat and power, and gas heat pumps to further reduce emissions and achieve efficiency gains. Peoples Gas will continue to explore all new natural gas technology and innovations to determine the most sustainable and suitable options for Florida.

Peoples Gas pathways to a lower carbon future.

Fueling Orlando’s eco-friendly Green Works initiative.

“The City of Orlando is serious about our Green Works Orlando initiative. We already have 92% of our fleet operating on alternative fuels today, and compressed natural gas is a big part of that. We rely on CNG for fueling our solid waste fleet and we continue to expand its use in ours and other city agencies.”

David L. Dunn, CFM
Division Manager, Fleet & Facilities Management Division
City of Orlando